Creating your Age-Focused Mindset

Yes I know another Blog about Healthcare.  It seems to be all the rage.  Having a balanced life full of exercising and eating right, a stress free job and doing what you love.  But this goes about everything differently!

How often do we look at our grandparents and picture them as a young 20 something full of energy and life.  AND how often do you look at issues they experience and think about what happened for them to get that way.  Many come to the conclusion that “hey, they are just old, this is what happens when you age”.  While this may have some truth to it, we are the masters of our own body.  While time may dictate the way we look and think, WE are largely responsible for how we feel!

Personally, I am so busy with work, school, exercise and also trying to engage in a social life of some sort.  Now, I am not saying to add things to your already busy life but more-so to get you to think about the things you do on a daily basis that may have impact on you in the future.  I know, I know, its so difficult to think about retirement when your so full of career ambition, creating a home to live in and even raising children but think about the consequences of being able to live ALL the years of your life feeling just as good as you feel right now!

This starts with simple assessments of your day to day life.

-Our work environment

-How we exercise

-How we get around

-What we eat or drink


Nothing is a quick fix and everyone is able to do something to improve the quality of their life, no matter how healthy you are.

Where you can start now is to make it top of mind.

Getting into your age focused mindset.



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Featured Photo Credit via – Christina Tesar Sun News


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